Safety, Health and Environmental

At SolPowerlines the safety and health for all employees is our #1 GOAL

SolPowerlines safety program will continue to evolve and improve as best practices, lessons learned, and near misses are shared among all of our operations, with a constant goal of achieving safe, incident-free operations throughout all of SolPowerlines.

Our policy at SolPowerlines is to maintain safety, production, and quality work environment with an appropriate Safety and Health program, loss experience, reference checks, and performance evaluations.  SolPowerlines maintains a safety program requiring compliance with all OSHA regulations as well as compliance with standards for safety performance. As a condition of employment with SolPowerlines, employees shall comply with ALL safety rules and procedures, drug and alcohol testing, along with state, local, and federal regulations related to employee Safety.


Safety, Health, and Environmental

The Safety of all employees and subcontractors will always be a priority to production.

Human Performance Program

SolPowerlines’ “Human Performance Program” provides our employees with physiological training to identify potential, predictable, and preventable unsafe events.
  • SolPowerlines provides training and education on human performance tools and traps company-wide.
  • SolPowerlines’ HSE Manager shall utilize a tracking/trending method using a numerical and statistical comparison to enhance the effectiveness of the Human Performance Program.

Behavior-Based Safety Program

SolPowerlines’ “Behavior-Based Safety Program” was developed in order to improve employee safety performance by increasing the frequency of critical safe behaviors.
  • Direct Employee involvement with management support, shall be the basis for continuous improvement.
  • SolPowerlines’ HSE Manager will gather and track the information in order to determine a plan of action to identify “At Risk” behaviors and encourage safe behavior.

Compliance Measurements


  • JSA
  • Human Performance
  • Stop Cards
  • ​Safety Discussions


  • Continued education through SLCC
  • Driver Qualification (CDL, DOT Physical, Medical Card)
  • Defensive Driving
  • OSHA 10/30
  • CPR, First Aid, AED
  • Bucket / Pole Top Rescue
  • Qualified Electrical Training
  • Monthly Focus
  • Human Performance

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