Storm Restoration

Emergency storm restoration

Emergency storm restoration is a critical part of our service for our customers. Crews work around the clock to restore power safely. SolPowerlines will respond to all-natural or man-made disasters that may occur- hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes, and floods, etc.  We are able to use our resources to rebuild electrical systems that have been completely torn apart. Our crews are ready, willing and able to respond to any destination when major storms approach. We constantly review our safety and emergency response procedures to stay up to date with all local, state and federal regulations.

SolPowerlines takes pride in keeping our fleet fully operational with an Altec Alliance as well as utilizing the Altec mobile service so we can respond at a moment's notice. Our fleet includes material handlers, bucket trucks, digger trucks, four-wheel-drive pickup trucks and material trailers for assisting distribution and transmissions needs. SolPowerlines' ability to quickly respond to ANY storm events is incomparable in our industry. SolPowerlines storm teams understand the importance to respond immediately and in a safe manner during storm events.   

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